Rough Justice - Hell Is Other People


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Craning my neck to see the past All the people I’ve known The things I’ve been shown Why is life such an arduous task for me? If patience is what I have Then rage is what I need You told me to ‘man the fuck up’ I just want to be free You can’t make me what you want me to be Visions of a person never free Never accepted what you expected from me I’m longing for peace Just want release You didn’t want any part of it How’d you expect me to feel? You made me feel like I couldn’t be Now I’m stuck not knowing what the fuck is real Life is an effort and il stop when I die Watch in horror as our worlds collide Too sensitive to be mad Too careful to be fair Hell is other people, too hot to fucking bare Life is an effort and I'll stop when I die Watch in horror as our worlds collide Don’t waste your breath and don’t say I didn’t try To shield you from the storm as rain fell from the sky
Akrasia 03:40
Ties severed, no longer bound But never thought this would happen to you Life lost, decayed; memory gone forever All that’s left is what you decide to prove Pray for hope Hope not to be prey Forgotten hymns of all the debts unpaid You can’t have peace when you’ve got missing pieces And that’s the way life treats us Black sheep sent out to pasture Looked past your cry for help There’s nobody left to remind you now Which way is up when you’re feeling down Old dreams haunting you Three strikes, two lines, one life How many times till it starts to sink in What became of the person we knew? I long for the day when you return to you Don’t be deceived that your smiles deceive us That’s just the way life treats us I’m sick and tired of putting fires out for you It’s causing bridges to burn I won’t pretend to share the eyes you see through Or know the feeling of your aching yearn You stoop so low to achieve the highs Just to achieve that vacant look in your eyes You’re just an imposter fooled by his own disguise And all I see is that haunted look in your eyes Haunted by dreams that you can’t repress A self destructive nature that you can’t repress It all adds up to this fucking mess Only look forward and move on like the rest Lay the nightmares to rest
Full of complacency No one would disagree Hard feelings are the hardest to hide You built your house of cards from a pack of lies And I'll be smiling when it tumbled down around you Hollow words eventually sever You cried wolf while playing the shepherd From here to wherever Deep inside you know your words won’t ring forever The things you claim I'll never refrain From disregarding everything that you say Your grey matter of fact attitude Will only add to the list of things for me to betray No playing nice anymore I won’t think twice anymore The hands resist him Hollow words eventually sever You cried wolf while playing the shepherd There’s no beginning to the end of my tether not Deep inside you know your words won’t ring forever


released July 16, 2019


all rights reserved



MLVLTD Sheffield, UK

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